March 13, 2012 @ 1:32 AM

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What's Your Opinion of Stun Guns?

Streetwise Stun GunWell, mine has always been against rather than for. And guess what? I have a  self defense website and I sell them. Up until now, I've kept my personal opinion to myself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, right?

Something happened last week that really made me do some soul searching. You may have heard it on the news. A young black 17 year old teenager was killed with a semiautomatic handgun when walking home from a convenience store where he had purchased some Skittles.

It seems that George Zimmerman, a white man, in their apartment complex appointed himself the head of the neighborhood watch program. So he was on the look out for any suspicious activity. He sees the teenager and decided that he was a suspicious person.

Last month, seventeen year-old Trayvon Martin, of Miami, was visiting his father and soon-to-be stepmother . They live in a gated Orlando community.  He had gone to a convenience store to buy some Skittles candy and was returning home when he was confronted by George Zimmerman, the head of the local neighborhood watch program.

It was reported that Zimmerman initially called police to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood. Soon after, several calls were received by 911 dispatchers that gun shots had been heard.  Zimmerman told police officers he had shot Martin and officers found the semiautomatic handgun on him.

"I was yelling for someone to help me but no one would help me" The report said that Zimmerman's back was wet and he was covered in grass as if he had been on the ground. He was bleeding from his nose and the back of the head, the report said.

George Zimmerman has not yet been charged. He is claiming self defense even though he was following Martin. Self defense from what? Skittles? In my opinion, that can't be what really happened.

There is an ongoing investigation, and hopefully, there will be enough evidence to present to a grand jury.

Now, I have one question and a comment:

  • Why is a Neighborhood Watch person carrying a semiautomatic handgun in the first place?
  • If he had been carrying a stun gun instead of a semiautomatic handgun, the teenager would be alive today.

Here's my point. There are certainly times when your life is in real danger and a handgun might be appropriate. But for the times when you are not in a life or death situation, a stun gun will be enough protection to deter someone from harming you.

This was a tragic situation that never should have happened to this family.

What's your opinion? Please leave your comment below.

Don't be a Victim!

Lawanna Bean

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